Umair Azfar Khan

Assistant Professor

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My research interests lie in Game Development, Gamification, Computer Graphics and Software Engineering. I have an on-hands approach towards teaching which is mainly focused towards project development. My emphasis is always towards teaching students how to think about the problems creatively and coming up with their own solutons. I am also leading the Game Lab at IBA which is responsible for holding various game development workshops and game jams. Students who are interested in IoT, have some experience in using either Unreal engine or Unity and have solid Object-oriented programming skills can approach me.


  • PhD in Information Science Kyushu University , Fukuoka, Japan.
  • MS in Software Development University of Tampere Tampere, Finland.
  • BS in Computer Systems Engineering Ghulam Ishaq Khan Institute of Sciences & Technology Topi, Pakistan.


  • Umair Azfar Khan and Yoshihiro Okada: "Genetic Algorithm (GA)-Based NPC Making, Encyclopedia of Computer Graphics and Games", Springer International Publishing, pp. 1-7. 2015.
  • Umair Azfar Khan and Yoshihiro Okada: "Multi-step Decision Making Process for Non-Playable Characters in an RPG", 13th International Conference on e-Society (ES 2015).
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  • Umair Azfar Khan and Yoshihiro Okada : "Planning Graph with Character Orientation for Decision Making of Non-Playable Characters in a Role-Playing Game", Proc. of the 7th Int. Conf. on Game and Entertainment Technologies (GET2014), pp. 165-172, July 15-17, 2014.
  • Umair Azfar Khan and Yoshihiro Okada: "Character Generation using Interactive Genetic Algorithm", Proc. of the GameOn 2013, pp. 31-35, November 25-27, 2013.
  • Umair Azfar Khan, Yoshihiro Okada: "Evolving story and character generation for role-playing games", Proc. of the workshop at SIGGRAPH ASIA 2012, pp. 59-64, Nov., 26-27, 2012.
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  • Azfar. U, Qureshi. H., "Comparative Analysis of the Computational Methods used in Protein Structure Prediction". BIOCOMP’10, July, 2010.
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Game Development

I have developed several games and teach game development as well.

Tools I Use

C++ and SDL 2.0

C++ and Unreal Engine 5

C# and Unity 3D

Python and Pygame

Fantasy Console Pico 8

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I have been teaching in academia for a decade.

Courses I teach

Programming Fundamentals

Object-Oriented Programming

Game Design and Development

Computer Graphics

Software Engineering

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I have a varied interests and can easily strike up a conversation.

Things I love






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